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Common Pre-purchase Questions

Yes, after your first initial subscription payment you'll get 100% ownership rights to your website. This includes any sort of media and digital assets used in your project.


Some web design companies may hold your domain hostage... However, we won't. At we don't believe in this practice because we're here to make your life easier.


What does this mean? We're a no strings attached agency. If you'd like to transfer to a different service provider at any time, we'll make sure that the process is smooth.

You're free to cancel your plan with us whenever you'd like. This is a contract-free zone. 🚫

Great question. We offer our clients basic site maintenance and hosting for $99 a month. We made this plan for our clients who didn't need our full services, yet still wanted peace of mind and our full support.

What exactly do I get with this service?
You'll get top-tier support from our experienced technicians whenever you need them. Normally coders and developers can charge upwards of $150 an hour for their time. You'll get unlimited support for less than $100 a month.

Again, if you decide you don't need us you're not tied down. We'll even help you transfer your domain to another web host. If you're interested in our hosting and maintenance service than go ahead and contact us today.

Nope, not here. We treat our clients like family. We believe in fair and honest pricing. If your plan includes any sort of extra costs we will let you know up-front. 

We tell our clients to expect at least 2-4 weeks for development. Sometimes our designers finish quicker. Turnaround time varies based on how custom each project is.

Absolutely. In fact, we encourage previews. Your feedback is greatly appreciated because it lets our designers know if their ideas are congruent with your vision.

Of course you can. Your dedicated web designer will be happy to assist you with whatever changes you need done. 

At you'll get your own personal web designer. Your web designer will work with you one-on-one until your design dreams become a reality. Our vetted experts offer friendly and reliable services that you can count on.

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Need Help?
Get Started Today.

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